Security evaluation

The legal regulations according to the cosmetics law require a security evaluation of cosmetic products to ensure that there is no health danger for public health based on a cosmetic product under usual and predictable application conditions.


The absorption of cosmetic ingredients is especially through the skin. Here the different cell layers especially the horn layer which is considered as the most important barriers can be overcome with the result of a so-called systemic absorption in the blood and lymph circulation. Therefore the concentration of the critical ingredients in the product and their application rate is being checked by means of a cosmetic security evaluation, but especially if harmful raw materials, harmful pollution in the raw materials or harmful reaction products are in the cosmetic products.


Apart from this there are user groups whose protection needs have to be taken into account like children, pregnant women and nursing women.


For those reasons there is based a high priority on the security evaluation of cosmetic raw materials and cosmetic products at COSMETIC SERVICE.