About us

Experience, quality and innovation for 40 years

The COSMETIC SERVICE has been established in 1976 to offer beauty & health solutions for your business. We offer all steps of the value-added chain from the partial contract manufacture to the full-service with a "One-Stop-Service" for F & E, marketing, production, quality management and logistics and so we enable turnkey flexible solutions with the greatest possible cost advantages for your demands. We are innovative, develop and produce in our house – with global networks. Compositions are being developed by our F & E staff - but also our project-related partnerships are welcomed. Innovation is the keyword in the beauty industry and we fulfil this demand for you with our team every day. Confidentiality is not just a keyword in our company but the basis of our job. There is no need to say that we protect the environment and we are promoter of sustainability in all our specialities and fields of work. You can plan your product with us from the idea to packaging and dispatch. Take advantage of our experience, and our modern technical equipment to develop and produce unique competitive cosmetics.